Q&A with our Brand Manager and Creative Director Mirella Soler, on beauty and product development.

What prompted you to launch ByYourRules?

Buying skincare products has always been an overwhelming experience for me. I would never know what to buy, which products were better for my skin, or even which type of skin I had. On top of that, new skincare trends seem to emerge every day, using fancy “must-have” ingredients and promising to do what could never be done before. This faux sense of urgency and desire made me feel like I should be constantly buying new products, so I could myself have the healthy, perfect skin that I was seeing in advertisements. Obviously, that never happened, because that type of complexion is a result of photoshop, filters, and most importantly: genetics. 

I started thinking about what I would like to have in a skincare brand, and I realised I needed fewer products, fewer promises, less fake results, and more truth. Truth in terms of ingredients, formulas, and results, but also in the way we view and perceive beauty, which shouldn’t be directly influenced by how “perfect” one’s skin is. I wanted a brand whose voice empowers women to be comfortable in their own skin; an addition to their daily routine which combines powerful and safe formulas with the mystical touch of gemstones. 

What made you choose these key ingredients?

I wanted to go back to the basics, back to pure elements, so I started searching for rituals of ancient beauty – creating unique skincare by diving deep into history and scientifically analysing the powers of nature. Mineral skincare is an olden tradition that has been practiced by women over centuries. Gemstones play an important role in the development of healthy skin as they have very powerful, natural properties, such as anti-bacterial and cellular repair effects.

How would you explain your brand to a friend?

Women are always fighting with their bodies, to be forever more beautiful and to fit into impossible beauty standards, created by the society we live in. ByYourRules is more than a skincare brand, our goal is to create healthy routines that showcase the real beauty that is in every woman. The beauty and cosmetics industry is continuously changing, every day new products are launched on the market, giving exaggerated promises and over inflated validation. Our goal is to completely escape from punctual and reactive cosmetics, by offering preventive and healthy routines that promote your most real and sincere beauty.